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Spring Hill Realty has been a family-owned real estate management company since 1988 — and we think of everyone on our team and every resident of our properties as an extension of that family.

With a unique and extensive mix of residential and commercial properties throughout the Delaware Valley, we strive to provide the caliber of spaces that we would want to live and work in ourselves — at a price that’s fair for our clients. What’s more, we treat our properties as if they were our own, with special attention paid to the smallest of details, including 24-hour tenant services available for your convenience.

We invite you to reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help with your residential and commercial real estate needs!

Picture of Leo Orloski

Leo Orloski

Picture of

Bryan Hunsberger

Picture of Richard Strouse

Richard Strouse

Residential Property Manager
Picture of Nate Seaman

Nate Seaman

Vice President of Operations
Picture of Ashley Monapella

Ashley Monappella

Residential Tenant Relations
Picture of Vicki Freed

Vicki Freed

Commercial Tenant Relations
Picture of Cindy Alderfer

Cindy Alderfer

Tenant Relations
Picture of Richard Grala

Rich Grala

Residential Property Technician
Picture of Tyler Jackson

Tyler Jackson

Residential Property Technician
Picture of Ed Levengood

Ed Levengood

Commercial Property Technician
Picture of

Monique Johnson

Residential Cleaning and Maintenance